My first post in this blog is going to be about Switzerland, because it was amazing. Switzerland is a country of mountains and I fell in love with them.

Switzerland is a peaceful country. Well… At least the place, where I traveled, was like that. And that is my first suggestion

Stay in a small town or village.

Maybe I am just that kind of a person that loves small towns, nature and peace. But I must say that I enjoyed the atmosphere of town and countryside living together. Before I went to sleep every night, I heard the cowbells ringing. It was a very interesting and pleasing sound. 6tag_071115-223933

 Hike the mountains.

Actually, I am afraid of heights, but in the mountains I felt differently. I enjoyed it. The views I was able to see and the fresh air took away all my fear and I wanted to stay on the peak longer. All the houses and cars looked so small and I felt like on the top of the world. It was a well spent day.

Prepare and pack.

You have to prepare for the hike, because it is not the easiest. First of all think about your shoes. They should be comfortable and durable, and they should not be too small. Also don’t hike in the shoes that have thin soles. (I am telling this because I assume that not everyone has hiking shoes). Take comfortable backpack  and put there a bottle of water and food, because you will hike all day. Take flashlight, because in mountains it gets dark very fast and you won’t be able to see your way without flashlight. If sun is shining, take sunglasses and sun cream. Also take a jacket or a coat. It is hot while you climb, but on the top of the mountain it is cold and windy. To prepare – eat healthy breakfast so that you have energy to hike!

Drive with a car to get higher.

Actually you can drive by car very high, but remember, that the roads in the mountains are closed in the winter period, because there is a lot of snow. Also, roads mostly  are narrow, so drive carefully. But I enjoyed the drive. Sometimes it was scary, when roads were really really narrow, without barriers and we were very high. But again the views and the feeling took away the fear. We had a little picnic up in the mountain and it was great. I would love to do that again.


Check your path.

You should check your path on the map or on the internet, to see if it is the right path for you. Check if it is not too hard or advanced for you and if you wand to hike with kids, check if it is suggested for kids. You can also ask  to the locals – which path  is going to be the best for you.

I love Switzerland. I come from a very flat country, so to me that was amazing adventure. I will definitely  come  back to explore, to hike and to feel like in the paradise again.



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