After 1 and a half months I will go to Italy. I can’t wait and I am  getting ready for the vacation. I am the type of person that likes to plan, organize and get ready for my trips. If you are like that too this post will help you.

10  posts that will help you to get ready for Italy.

#1 These are basics, that you should know to understand the Italian life  rhythms. This is like a warm up for preparing for Italy.

“Things to know before going to Italy”

15 Things to know before you get to Italy

#2  Similar to the previous post, but this will  help you not to fail and to not look like a tourist. Take the advice!

“Ten things not to do in Italy”



#3  I think it is a great choice to travel by a car. You can see more and be in many more places. But it can be a bit scary to drive in a country  you don’t know. Especially, with a rented car.  So here are some tips to prepare for driving.

“6 tips for how to drive in Italy”

#4 If you love coffee as much as I then you will be happy to read this post and prepare yourself  for all the great coffee that Italy is going to offer you. Can’t wait! I want to try everything they offer.

“A guide to ordering coffee in Italy”

Coffee In Emilia Romagna

#5 I think that we all can name at least one cuisine that comes from Italy. Probably because it is so delicious.  I will definitely try something from this list. (Maybe it is not Italy but EATaly?!)

“Top 10 things to eat in Italy”

Discover the top ten things to eat in Italy and where to eat them!

#6 This is for girls! Of course we want to always look great. But what to wear so that you don’t look like a tourist? This will give you awesome ideas!

“What to wear in Italy:Dress like a local” 

What to wear in Italy is no longer a dilemma! Our Italian fashion blogger, Jacobo, helps you plan your Italy packing list so you can dress like a local!

#7 We already know that Italians appreciate if you at least try to speak Italian. So here are phrases that you can learn and use. I think that this will help a lot in Italy.

“Common Italian words and phrases for travelers”

#8 If you will need help or advice instantly then here is a gallery of pictures that contains basic things you need to know when traveling around the Italy. Check them out and download them on your phone.

“Italy travel photo gallery”

Emergency Numbers

#9 Because I am going to Italy on my honeymoon, so was looking for romantic places to visit. I found this post and I hope that this will inspire you too! We will go to some of the listed places.

“Top romantic getaways in Italy”

Top Romantic Getaways in Italy for Couples

#10 In the end here are few things that you (me too) didn’t knew. At least  it is good to know now  before going on a trip, right?

“12 things you never knew about Italy”

12 important things for every traveler to know before a trip to Italy.:

Hope that this will help you as much as it helps me. I will write more about Italy after I will go there. I would love it if you could share your experience! 


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